Smart Video SwitcherRuggedCONNECT

RuggedCONNECT is a scalable sensor networking and battlefield awareness solution that reduces cognitive burden, increases mission effectiveness, and meets SWaP-C demands.

  • Transmit real-time, low latency sensor data across secure networks to processors and displays for advanced warning and effective mission planning
  • Crew-centered product design ensures intuitive systems that reduce cognitive burden
  • Highly configurable architecture enables vehicle platforms that are rapidly deployable, mission configurable, cost-effective
  • Meet performance requirements for Def Stan 00-082 (VIVOE), STANAG 4697 (PLEVID), and MISB ST 1608 to comply with STANAG 4754 (NGVA), Def Stan 23-009 (GVA), and VICTORY guidelines

Technical Info

RuggedConnect Smart Video Switcher

Plug-In AI Solutions

Tank Detection AI

Machine learning-based AI for C4ISR applications locates and Identifies vehicles

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Vehicle/Terrain AI Safety System

Visually alerts driver on changing soil conditions, gradients, and obstacle

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Scalable Decision Support Capabilities

Leverage the powerful GPU resources of the NVIDIA Jetson TX2i to add future decision support capabilities – including image fusion, 360 degree stitching, map/ terrain overlay, image enhancement to more demanding threat detection and classification.

eBUS-ISR SDKVideo Management Software

Pleora’s eBUS-ISR SDK helps manufacturers and integrators design standards-compliant software applications that receive and transmit both Def Stan 00-082 Vetronics Infrastructure for Video Over Ethernet (VIVOE) and GigE Vision video streams in GVA (Def Stan 23-009) and NGVA (STANAG 4754) local situational awareness (LSA) and C4ISR platforms.

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eBUS ISR SDK diagram

Professional ServicesCustom Design

Pleora Professional Services provides direct access to market-leading sensor interface technologies, systems expertise, and design skills to tailor existing products or develop new custom solutions for unique performance requirements. Pleora works closely with manufacturers and designers to fully define the product concept and specification requirements to deliver a turnkey solution. Extending beyond hardware, software, and IP development, Pleora Professional Services includes extensive ongoing technical support to reduce the total cost of ownership for the final product.

Project examples include:

  • Custom display receiver outputting GigE Vision video from multiple cameras to a display panel via HDMI/DVI
  • Custom solution converting multiple video sources into DEF STAN 00-82 streams that are transmitted to display outputs, compressed, and encoded
  • Firmware IP core interfacing multiple 10 GigE cameras and processing capabilities
  • 10 Gbps sensor interface with IEEE 1588 capability for panoramic display

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A diagram of Pleora's custom design services