Detect Tanks Using AI

One of the biggest industry buzzwords right now is AI, or artificial intelligence. At its most basic, AI is the concept that machines can carry out automated tasks and with access to a wider data set they can teach themselves new processes and skills via machine learning.

Consulting with military vehicle and LSA/C4ISR system designers while developing sensor networking solutions, the ability to introduce and leverage AI capabilities often became a part of whiteboard discussions. Primarily, designers were trying to figure out how best to use the vast amounts of data being generated and recorded by on-vehicle sensors for the purposes of machine-learning.

Partnering with, a leader in artificial intelligence, Pleora is developing a machine-learning plug-in for object detection, tracking and classification. One of the first intended applications is tank detection, where the system uses sensor data and machine-learning capabilities to identify and classify tanks on a battlefield.

The plug-in solution is a part of Pleora’s smart video switcher platform, which provides a straightforward way for designers (and end-users) to introduce AI capabilities without disrupting existing systems or requiring additional equipment. With extensive experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning across multiple industries, tank detection AI from will help identify previously unrecognizable military vehicles, supporting battlefield decision-making and reducing cognitive burden.