Battlefield Awareness: Real-Time Sensor Networking and Artificial Intelligence for Military Imaging

Reducing Cognitive Burden and Increasing Mission Effectiveness


Sensor Networking

Transmit real-time sensor data
A tank

Battlefield Awareness AI

Vehicle detection, driver enhancement

SWaP-C Optimized

Full scalability for future capabilities
A shield

Standard Solutions

NGA, NGVA, and VICTORY ready

UXD For Military: Crew-Centric Design

  • Increase intelligence, awareness, and safety while reducing cognitive burden
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use systems – know immediately if something has changed in the environment
  • Reduce hardware and peripheral equipment within the vehicle
  • Implement future capabilities to increase mission effectiveness with minimum integration effort

Networking and AI Solutions

Sensor Networking
Real-time sensor capture, streaming, processing and display
Battlefield Awareness AI
Machine-learning based tank identification and classification
Driver Assistance AI
Early warning for changing soil conditions gradients, and obstacles
Image Fusion
Integrate feeds from multiple sensor types into a single view
Streamlined Software
Shared SDK from all transport functions regardless of vendor
Image Stitching
Produce a segmented panorama or high-resolution image from various image sources
Crew-Centric Design
Ensures intuitive, easy-to-use systems that reduce cognitive burden
Standards Compliant
Addresses GVA, NGVA, VICTORY and MIL requirements
SWAP-C Optimized
Reuse existing technology with full scalability for future requirements