How AI Prevents Rollovers

Rollovers are the leading cause of military vehicle occupant fatalities when not in combat situations. While consulting with vehicle crew and drivers during the product design phase of a smart video switcher, vehicle rollover was consistently a highlighted concern.

In their description of a typical situation, a driver is operating a large, heavy vehicle in an unknown terrain that can quickly change between pavement, dirt, mud, loose soil and snow. Gradients change, and drivers often need to make quick decisions to find the fastest path to safety while being aware of on-path obstacles and threats.

Pleora’s smart video switcher platform combines sensor networking capabilities with powerful GPU resources of the NVIDIA Jetson TX2i so designers can easily add decision-support capabilities to a vehicle electronics (vetronics) system for LSA and C4ISR applications.

A Vehicle/Terrain AI Safety System technology from Mission Control Space Services is available as a solution plug-in for RuggedCONNECT. The AI system uses images captured by existing cameras on a vehicle to provide real-time terrain data that visually alerts the driver on changing soil conditions, gradients, and obstacles.

The solution is based on Mission Control’s Autonomous Soil Assessment System technology developed with the support of the Canadian Space Agency used for lunar rovers. Much like operators of robots on the Moon or Mars, military vehicle drivers often have limited information about the terrain in front of their wheels. The Vehicle/Terrain AI Safety System provides real-time terrain data, even in very rough, low-visibility, and changing environments, to help increase safety and intelligence while lowering operating and human costs related to vehicle rollover for defense departments.